Monday, January 28, 2013

Dropping In

My good friend Igor dropped in on me Saturday afternoon.  And when I say, "dropped in", I was rolling around on Ravelry looking at fiber being destashed, and he waltzed in, dropped on the couch, and I asked if he wanted anything to drink, he said some hot tea, and I got to work. It is really nice having friends like that who not only don't care what state your house is in (he does have a 3 year old, after all), but just feel comfortable flopping down for a bit before they go on their way to the thrift store across the street.

Things would have been better if I had not eaten a sizeable bolus of gluten earlier in the day.  As my trainer says, "You've either got to stop eating gluten or move to Europe." or figure out how to smuggle their flour back into the US.  I managed to hold it together for most of Igor's visit.

I digress...

I met Igor on a blind date via back in early 2006, after I had moved to Seattle from Baltimore. I decided to go on a date with him because he had willingly posted a picture of himself in a cow costume, and I enjoy men with a sense of humor.

We met at Two Bells pub down in Belltown, about a block from my old apartment building, The Centennial.  As it happened, Igor had already met his current-girlfriend/baby-mama-to-Zach Tori, and apparently was just honoring prior committments, which included meeting me and another girl named Kate. Regardless, we had a nice time and I didn't talk to him for about another month and a half.

I invited Igor to my birthday party in 2006, and he asked if he could bring his girlfriend. "Sure!" Well, I fell in love with Tori at first sight. Any woman who can weld has my vote.

And, coincidentally the world only gets smaller... Kate ended up being sisters to Jenn, who is the girlfriend and prego-baby-mama of my friend Jill from the gym.

Anyway... Igor is an engineer at Microsoft, and also has some interesting ideas in his blogs:

I wouldn't say I agree with all of them, but he is very enthusiastic, and that's the great thing about this world. You can appreciate others' ideas and musings even if they aren't according to your taste.