Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Even Rocket Scientists Have To Frog

...Er, at least aircraft propulsion engineers have to frog.... every once in a while.

This is my Spring Forward first sock.  I finished it, only to have the foot look more like a flipper than anything sock-ish.  I even wove the toe together & sewed in the ends.... and I let it sit for several months. 

Last week, in a fit of spring-cleaning-perhaps-I-don't-know, I reopened the toe and ripped back to where the gusset was finished at the base of the foot.  I printed out a fresh copy of the pattern, as mine was thoroughly worn, and now it is sitting on my coffee table, next to the Radiating Star blanket.


In other news... work has been somewhat stressful lately, and I really need a vacation, but feel somewhat pressured that I can't take one till we deliver a full-blown product that the FAA will let companies buy. And it's pretty much looking like I won't get to see Daniel till he returrns for good in the fall... Sigh. 

On the upside? Last week, I rowed 2000 m in 9:36, and yesterday I got a backsquat PR of 60 kg x 5 reps! Woo!

Crotchfruit Knitting

Happy Spring!

Wow, why is everyone I know suddenly pregnant? Holy crap.  I'm not a huge fan of children, myself (I babysat once in my entire youth, and it was a horrible experience which I hope never to repeat), but hey, if people want the little critters, then more power to 'em!

While I don't exactly want to hold a child, I will knit for it willingly!

Behold, various knitting projects for Friends Bearing Crotchfruit!

Exhibit A: Radiating Star blanket.  I'm over halfway done, but because it's a round thing, every other round grows by many stitches.  Luckily, the pattern is pretty easy to memorize & knit in front of the TV.  I have 3 "Fullmetal Alchemist" DVD's to work my way through, thanks to Netflix.

Exhibit B: Strawberry hat.  This is for my friend who will be popping that kiddo out in the next week or so, with any luck.  A note about the pattern - I followed the "bobble" instructions given, and really if I knit this again, I would do at least two of the "k,p into the same stitch" moves to make the bobble more noticeable.


The Moral?  Want something knit for your impending child, and aren't in a hurry? I can probably accomodate you. :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Destash 2010!

Okay Peeps, this is it.

Check out my Ravelry Destash page if you want some good deals on yarn.  (Well, give me a few minutes to finish posting pictures, but I should finish by tonight).

I've got Socks That Rock, Noro, some stuff from Yarnia, laceweight, leftovers, handspun - You name it!!