Monday, December 8, 2008

Fitness: EMOTM

What the hell is EMOTM, you may ask?

"Every Minute, On The Minute".

Oh yes.

Scott's 5-6 PM workout today?

Warmups included a good 15 pullups, running around the block, k/b swings (2-handed and 1-handed), "Around-the-World"s, which are basically you passing the kettlebell around your body as if it were a satellite, and some clean and presses with k/b's. I started with 2 x 12 kg kettlebells, until we got to the clean and press part, and I switched to 2 x 8 kg kettlebells.

Now for the EMOTM workout.

5 x clean & squat (and you clean every time you squat)
5 x burpees


We did it for 20 minutes. I was effing tired. The way I modified it was that I eventually went down to 4 reps of each, and then 3 reps for probably the last 8 minutes.

The idea behind EMOTM is that you should finish your reps with about 20-30 sec to spare, and to REST, so you are barely ready for the next set. If you get to the point where you only have 10 seconds left, and you aren't done, you probably should either reduce weights used, or reduce reps...

I was pretty proud - I used 2 x 8 kg kettlebells for this workout, which seem really puny, until I looked at some girls who were using the 10 lb weights. (Remember, 8 kg = 17.6 lb). Hey, I was there once, too (and I still am, for some exercises). There was one really in-shape girl who could do three dead-hang pullups in a row (NO rubberband). Holy S. And I think she used 15 lb barbells for the workout... so I don't feel too bad. Of course, I think she did the full 5 reps for all 20 minutes...

Dead-hang pullups and strict pushups are my new goals. Also, to climb the rope all the way up (I think they have 20 ft ceilings or so in the gym?)


Piggilicious said...

At first I thought, 5 burpees. puh-sha! Then I saw the twenty minutes.... Yikes!

Sounds hard! In fact, all the workouts at CF sound hard (but so rewarding)!

Mel said...

Yes! I can't wait for you to come torture yoursel-er, have fun! - with us! :)