Monday, July 6, 2009

30 Days of Paleo

Inspired by Melissa Byers' great blog post, I am going to do this.

Eat Clean. For 30 Days.

I am starting NOW.

Breakfast was pastrami, salami, and blueberries. To drink I have my trusty 40 oz water bottle (stainless steel, of course), a tall glass of ice, and some tea (Kamiya Papaya Oolong from Teavana right now. It will change in a few minutes when I go make another cup). Lunch is a Trader Joe's chicken salad (sans the little fried noodles). Dinner will be, I think, steak and vegetables. Or steak and fruit.

I am giving up dairy, coffee (unless I can manage to learn to drink it black), alcohol, and sweets. The only dairy I was really eating was milk in my morning cup of coffee, so I am not too far off. And alcohol should be relatively easy; I was drinking about two glasses of wine per month. I figured out it exacerbates my allergies (very frustrating!).

When I get home tonight, I will also take oregano oil. It tastes like Satan's asshole, but it is a powerful anti-fungal agent. By eating clean Paleo and using natural anti-fungal agents, I will be killing off any fungal load in my body. There is research out that suggests that starving and killing off your internal fungal load will help manage hormones, thereby balancing things like fat management. It is hard to believe that I exercise this much and have not lost any fat. In fact, it's pretty ridiculous and REALLY frustrating, and makes me want to yell and punch things.

*Ding*. Did you hear that? It means GO.

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rewinn said...

Good luck!

Tell your friends, we'll support you (...and not accidentally sabotage you by inviting you for a drink.)

BTW did I mention that I vowed not to drink alcohol until we have a house? I needed more motivation, and figured I can save a bit of money this way. So far, it hasn't been hard. Good luck to us all!