Monday, March 19, 2012

We Need Propane and Propane Accessories

We now have propane and propane accessories. 

Cinderblocks: the Classiest of propane tank stands.

This past Saturday, we had a great plumber come out and hook up our propane tanks in preparation for (gasp) being able to use some kind of STOVE in my kitchen. He got everything ready, helped Daniel haul the stove upstairs, and then stopped. The regulator Daniel had picked up at the marine supply store wasn't what he needed. So he'll be back next week.

Jenn-Air downdraft gas stove. Brought to us by Craigslist and, interestingly, made by Maytag.
We also have another snafu. I, being me, didn't read the instructions that came with the stove. I assumed that the downdraft part of the stove meant that it could recirculate the exhaust, much like some microwaves that sometimes are installed over stoves.  Hmmmmph. Nope. Needs to be exhausted to the outdoors.

Our options are: 1) Disregard the downdraft feature of the stove and replace the current overhead flush exhaust fan with a hood.  2) Cut out a hole in the floor and route the correct exhaust piping to the side of the house; we think at this far back in the house we are free of the masonry facade and can easily drill through the wooden siding. Plus we have the ceilings open in the basement, so routing shouldn't be too hard. 3) Sigh heavily.

I am thinking Option 3, followed by Option 2. Option 1 could occur if we can't pull off Option 2.


And Now For Something Gone Right.  Sunday, we put in most of the baseboards in the living room.  They're painted MDF, and in general, look pretty dark good.  Now I need to finish them off by knocking the finishing nails in, filling their holes, and touching up the paint. Then we can put Daniel's favorite area rug back and the coffee table can stop scratching the floor (despite it's copious felt pads on it's feet).

Giiirl, look at that. All brown 'n shizzle.

I love our tomato "Moroccan Red" wall.

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