Wednesday, October 17, 2007



I can't believe I did this... I was knitting along, merrily thinking I was almost done with the latest incarnation of "Hurry Up Spring" armwarmers from "SnB Nation", and then I figure out this:

Yep. Mel didn't pay attention and she put the thumb for the left-hand glove on the same needle she used for the right-hand glove. Hence, two identical gloves, instead of mirror imaged gloves.

And I thought I would document the honesty of my one table in the condo:

Kleenex (I did think to spare the viewer the sight of two dirty ones on the table!), two knitting projects (I just started the arch increases on the pink sock), scissors, mug o' tea, TV and DVD remotes, my phone, and the plastic bag that holds the cable that connects my camera to the PC.
Sigh. So I have to rip that sucker out now. If I can manage to do it to the level below where I made the increases for the thumb gusset, I'll do that. I may end up getting mad and just ripping out the entire thing. Sigh! I also noticed the new one was a couple of rows SHORTER than the first one....

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