Friday, October 12, 2007


So it's Friday. I am working on my work computer, and blogging on my home computer (I love telecommuting). A file is running, so I thought I'd post seems a file is perpetually running at work. Which makes my job kind of nice - I'll set a file off to run, and then I can wait around for anywhere from 2 minutes to over 2 hours for it to finish itself.

My friend is emailing me with perpetual arguments- I don't know why he is so defensive. I have to learn to ignore his comments and let him be right, even when he's not, but it is very hard for me to do that. I guess it's a good lesson to learn.

On to Knitting (aka the important stuff). I cast on the second "Hurry Up Spring" armwarmer last night, and I only completed about a half inch of ribbing before my spinning instructor showed up for class. On a side note, I learned he's an electrical engineer, which is pretty neat. The class itself was crazy - we did a lot of long hill climbs and "jumps", where you go rapidly in and out of the saddle. I timed it to the Franz Ferdinand song that was playing, so I had 8 pedal revolutions between getting in and out of the saddle - it made it a lot easier. :-)

I haven't progressed on my Sky architecture sock. I am afraid to keep going with the size 1.5 Addi's. I think I may have to rip this one out and do something else till my NEW size 1 and 2 circulars come from KnitPicks! (All Hail the Knitpicks!) I wish I had bought my Addi's there...well, then they wouldn't be Addi's, but I am pretty sure the Knitpicks nickel-clad needles are the same thing...for less than half the price. Ah well. I guess if I rip it out, I can start over and do the "two socks at a time" deal from the "Knitting Circles Around Socks" book I bought recently. I might use some easier patterns for the Xmas gift socks; I haven't decided yet.

Tonight, my friends Kris and Randy and myself are going to see "Transformers" on the IMAX screen. I am excited - it's been a while since I've been to an IMAX. There is also talk of dinner, perhaps afterwards.

Yesterday, Jen showed me a class she is going to take on Bohus colorwork - it looks insane. She is a great knitter, so I think she will pick up a lot of new craziness from this class. She also told me that she is taking the Selbuvotter class, based on the book by the same name. This is a gorgeous mitten book that has stranded black and white intricate designs. I guess the point is, if you can read a chart and follow directions, you'll be fine, but it looks intimidating.

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