Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tapping Fingers...

Excitement! Daniel will be within Skyping range on Friday morning! I think this is the first time we'll get to talk in over a month (talk in real-time, not via email).

I'm also happy because I leave Friday afternoon to visit my friends John, Olivia, and Julie in Madison, Wisconsin! Actually, Julie is also visiting them from Los Angeles, but it will be good to see everyone! Apparently Julie has an interview at the university in Madison! Good luck, Julie!

So, having finished the Hemlock Ring blanket, I am debating on what big thing to start next. I swatched for Daniel's Hand to Hand sweater, but I also feel like I should get going on Priscila's alpaca socks and my purple STR socks, for goodness' sake!

I think what I'll do is: if I can get over the trouble I've been having with the Cat Bordhi sock pattern, I'll take that on the Madison trip with me. I think I am vaguely allergic to alpaca :( so spending long times with Priscila's alpaca sock yarn won't make me happy on a plane... or I could start a pair of socks for Daniel!


In bigger news, new toys are coming my way soon! A new car, likely in September, and a new road bike sometime.

Both are taking a lot of thought on my part, and also starting to save up (especially for the bike, since it's a relatively small purchase compared to a car).

The cars in the running are: Toyota Prius, Honda Civic, Honda Insight hybrid, Mazda 3, and the Subaru Outback Sport. Fuel economy, reliability rates from Consumer Reports, insurance rates, and whatever price USAA can wrangle for me will be final determiners.

The bikes are a little tougher, since I know less about them than I do cars, but there are a few Trek Women-Specific Design (WSD) that I am curious about, and a Novara (REI's house brand) that I am eyeing. Surprisingly, Novara has decent component packages for their price.


In unrelated news, I am getting a floor loom! A Harrisville 4 harness folding floor loom, to be exact. It is coming from a woman in Oregon, for a great price. She will be delivering it at some point to her son in Portland so I can pick it up! I even am redecorating for it. I sold my large bookcase yesterday, and that paid off my new smaller bookcase I bought, so that was nice. Maybe it's time to hang some art on that wall; it looks really bare without the giant shelf.

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