Thursday, May 28, 2009

Diet Challenge Update 2

The Crossfit Seattle Spring LEAN Challenge is into it's 4th week, and I have not noticed any major body changes.

I have a couple of friends who say they have lost multiple pounds; good job to them!

I have some theories here about why I am "stuck" at my weight / size:

- the morning 12 oz latte (the ratio I use is 8 oz coffee : 4 oz half & half)

- indulging in things once a week like fruit with heavy cream... (an obvious one!), or

- too much fruit vs. vegetable?

- not enough protein?

- too much fat?

However, I should note that I feel a lot stronger. Here are some recent accomplishments I am proud of:

- I am using the 12 kg kettlebell for snatches now instead of the 8 kg kb

- I did 160 x 16 kg kb swings without stopping last week, and the day after I did 100 kb swings without stopping

- I did 20 x 65 kg deadlifts without resting a couple of weeks ago. This leads me to believe my 1 rep DL max is now beyond 70 kg

- I ran all 5 x 100 m bits of yesterday's WOD (5 rounds of: 7 burpees + box jump, 7 OH squats, and 100 m run). My burpees still suck.

- My OH squat 1 rep max is 25 kg, as of yesterday, which isn't horrible.

In short, I am frustrated because I am not "smaller" - my clothes fit exactly the same. However, I am happy because I'm not any larger, and I seem to be getting stronger.

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