Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Round-Up

First off... Happy Mother's Day! Alternately, the greeting I gave my childless-by-choice friends: "Happy Choosing Not To Be A Mother...'s Day!"  Whatever your choice is, it's a beautiful, gorgeous day in Seattle.

I took an opportunity this afternoon to get a little sun reading The Herbal Kitchen, by Jerry Traunfeld (of Herbfarm fame), and promptly fell asleep in our new lounge chairs outside on the lawn in dappled shade.

Now, I'm turning to cooking. I've got one of the Original-Latin-Sass-Women, Tita Merello, on the iPod (this song is hilarious: Se Dice de Mi, but it's in Spanish... towards the end, she says, "If they think I'm crooked, they haven't seen me in my nightgown!"). and I've got bacon in the oven, and a load of broccoli on deck to roast next. I'm thinking of what to make with some ground beef (PS...a little late now, but Skagit River Ranch had ribeyes on sale today at the Ballard Farmer's Market - I scored and bought four!), and am mulling over incorporating some veggies into my burger patties.  I'm headed out to the grill, since the weather is so nice.

I was poking around Chowstalker for inspiration, and came across this crazy product: grain-free noodles. They look like they actually might not taste like ass! I can't say the same for those shirataki noodles pushed on me during the HCG diet.  Gag. Just use a vegetable or eat something else, people.

Back to the burgers... I am going to play with this recipe from TGI Paleo for turkey burgers , but of course using my fatty ground beef & maybe a couple of different vegetables. Basically, it sounds like you chop up a bunch of veggies, then stick them in the food processor till they are finely chopped, then mush them into your burgers. I believe TGI Paleo says that you can add up to 1/3 of bulk from veggies without the burgers falling apart... we'll see! If so, this is a great trick for shoving more veggies in.... well, I was going to say into kids, but really, nobody I know eats enough veggies!

Oh, and our new tenants are moving in next door today! My first instincts told me they seemed like nice folks, which is always a good thing. The guy is wearing a hilarious 80's red/white/blue terrycloth headband - how can you not appreciate that?!

And, finally, we've been working hard this weekend. Daniel's been busy installing new drywall in the basement bedroom's ceiling in the rental unit next door, and I filled our 96 gallon yard waste container yesterday with weeds and extra calla lily plants that I split off. I hope the smaller plants I split get turgor pressure back soon! They're sort of flopped over in the back right now... I also met an incredibly sweet older guy at a plant sale he was holding at his house (77th and 10th NW in  Ballard) - he holds one on Mother's Day weekend, and one on Father's Day weekend. The crazy thing is, he's blind, but he is just a font of knowledge about all his plants.  I bought a six pack of kale starts from him, and I also got a mouse plant.  It's a crazy little shade plant that looks similar to a Jack-in-the-Pulpit, but the flower has a long "mouse tail" at the top of what looks like a plum-colored bean.

Pictures soon! I really must get better at that.

PS, I sewed up the piece I was concerned about in my red sweater... just have to sew the buttons on now!

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