Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I am SO excited to be going to my parents' tomorrow!

Tonight I am looking forward to getting off work early so I can get to Daniel's house and have some time with him before I leave.

I'll be coming back on December 30th, so plenty of time to celebrate New Year's here. :-)

I have started to think about my New Year's Resolutions, which I almost never make, because I don't plan on keeping anything ;-), however I do have a few plans in place:

- make a "car payment" to myself every month into my HSBC account; I want to be able to cash out on a car in early 2009.
- fatten up my savings account that was drained for the car payment
- lose 15 more pounds
- take the dreaded GRE test and be done with it; hopefully start applying to gradamate school. 2009/10 would be an ideal time for me to go to grad school, since Daniel will be out of the state / country during that time :-( but it would keep me busy, for sure!

And, of course, KNIT MORE. ;-)

I had to talk myself out of taking three pairs of socks, a vest, and two pairs of fingerless gloves to knit with me on the trip. I only have 10 days, after all! :) I narrowed it down to the vest and two pairs of socks ;-) but I did take the patterns for the gloves to show my parents with an estimated birthdate. hah!

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