Saturday, December 8, 2007

WIPS - 8 December 2007

Here are my current WIP's.

First up, Daniel's socks. I've plied and wound off the yarn for the insteps, so now they are waiting to be finished!

Next Up is a "LuvGun", from MochiMochi Land. A friend and I are making them concurrently.

Here is the yarn for the "Ms Marigold" vest from ZephyrStyle. I love the color from KnitPicks! Sometimes it's hard to gauge what a color will be based on your computer monitor, but I love this deep red lipstick color. :-)

Finally, here is the beginning of my "Breeze" socks from Knitty. I don't think Knitty has the pattern anymore, which is a shame, because it's quite a neat little cabled socklet. The stretch of knitting you see there is the beginning of the heel flap (which is also cabled), and the pattern for it is slightly confusing because there is not enough repetition for me to get a rhythm going, but that is OK. I just need to carry my pencil and make notes whilst I knit. :)

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