Sunday, February 24, 2008

Friday Ferry

I wanted to share some photos I took this past Friday (22 Feb) on the 0620 ferry from Bremerton to Seattle. I had the forethought to bring my camera with me on Thursday night to Daniel's, so I had it readily available when the following shots presented themselves.

This first one is the sunrise.

The Seattle skyline - on the far right you can see the industrial Port of Seattle.

These following pictures were taken on Saturday (23 Feb). I had the day to myself, since Daniel had duty, so I walked around Ballard. It was a lovely day, and though I wanted to sit and knit, I knew I would feel guilty if I wasn't outside, enjoying the sunshine.

This picture is of the Seattle Library's Ballard branch. Note the green roof! :)

For some reason, I have really become fond of taking pictures of tree branches, looking up through them towards the sky. I love seeing the seemingly abstract-and-yet-not branching patterns of the trees, and also seeing the beautiful sky through them. The day was absolutely beautiful - I was barely warm enough in a t-shirt and fleece, but I refused to outside with a jacket on! :)

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