Sunday, February 24, 2008

WIP Update - 24 FEB 08

I haven't been posting much recently! Argh. Not that I think anyone reads this - I don't think I've yet to receive a comment.

No matter. I am challenging myself to record more of my processes - not only will it be fun to look back on this in 50 years, but it might, maybe, help someone else out. :)

I will post pictures later... it's 9:30 PM and I don't have the wherewithal to take pictures and upload them right now.

WIP 1: Daniel's socks

I finished the first sock! Well, almost. I followed the "Twisted Sister's Sock Workbook" instructions on inserting an afterthought heel, and I got that done (I did a wedge heel using El Magic Loop-o), and then I grafted the opening closed using Kitchener stitch - no big deal.... I look at it, and I hadn't moved my needle, so my graft was running vertically. D'oh! OK, so I undid it, and redid the graft horizontally. Except now it looks weird, and I think I need to follow Lucy Neatby's tip to avoid "donkey ears". I think it has something to do with slipping the stitches on the ends over their adjacent stitches... Anyway, it's almost done. I started Sock #2's foot, except I forgot that I was supposed to be doing plain stockinette on the sole, and I had been knitting 2x2 ribbing all the way around, so I have to undo that. Thankfully I'm only maybe 10 rows into it.

WIP 2: Bartholomew's Tantalizing Socks

I am working on the foot for the first one!! They are coming along swimmingly, although I noticed the leg on these socks is pretty high. It's not a bad thing, just somewhat unexpected. Ah well.

WIP 3: Ms. Marigold vest

Also coming along, albeit slower than the socks. This is turning into a do-it-at-home sort of project.

WIP 4: Luv Gun

Is Sleeping.

WIP 5: Viking hat set

I just started a gauge swatch for this! Yay... I am going to use KnitPicks Wool of the Andes, not only because it is actually 100% wool, but because it was $2 a ball, so I could get all the colors I wanted...and my friends will actually have warm hats when I am done. :) Nothing better than a silly warm hat. I'm probably going to give them to them in the height of summer. :) Hahah!


Knitting Plans

1) Finish current WIPs

2) Buy drumcarder and start on Dog's Paw Shawl!!! (Enlist mentoring of Jenny on Ravelry)

3) FINISH spinning all the "landscape" yarns

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