Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Socks are Done! (March RSC spoiler alert)

Well, I'm sick. I sound like a radio that isn't tuned correctly - my voice fades in and out. I called my sister today to tell her Happy Anniversary. It's tomorrow, not today (but we agreed I got credit for calling). I checked in with Daniel to see if he was coming over or not (not, which is good and bad - good because I won't get him sick & I can dork out and read, knit and watch TV while blowing my nose and throwing the dirty Kleenex on the floor; bad because I miss him).

However, another good thing? Might I introduce Daniel's socks - done and ready to go.

A flat view: the wedge afterthought heels look a little uneven, but the one on the bottom is just folded up a bit (and they aren't blocked, either):

Here they are, on my feet:

And here they are in their "gift roll" status, ready to give to him Friday! :) (OK, so it won't be a big surprise, because I suspect he might keep up with this blog). :)

And fun stuff came in the mail for me today! Not only did I get a new Netflix DVD (Star Trek TOS, yeah!), I got this:

And THIS! The March Rockin' Sock Club shipment! Woo! There is a 10% off coupon in there, the pattern, dyers' notes (which are neat), the red thingies are little fortunes or something (haven't figured that out), and of course the yarn!

The RSC blog asked for those who got a key image on the back to email them for a free skein of yarn. No such luck here! I got a heart (sigh). :) It's awesome yarn, though. And the Midweight, which is my favorite weight (ok, I haven't tried the heavy weight, so I can't say that, but MW seems to knit up faster... :) )

I've got plenty of stuff to amuse myself with tonight! Oh, and I got sucked into Oprah's "Secret Lives of Hoarders" 2-part show. I'm watching the second part tonight, if I remember to turn on the TV for it. I normally don't watch talk shows or anything, but... I have a fascination with hoarders. I just don't get it...and it's all so...fantastical... that I have a hard time believing what I see on the screen.

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