Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No Kitchen

But, in the meantime, I am wishing I could make this.


We successfully moved last Sunday. I put the All Points Bulletin out about a week ahead of time, and didn't expect much response since it was a holiday weekend. I was bowled over when I saw who actually did end up coming at the last minute - a few friends from Crossfit (including our most inspirational competitive Oly-lifter), our friends Kris & Randy who were committed from the start, and one of the Microsoft-contingent of friends.

We managed in a big- and a small-trip in a 26 foot U-Haul trailer. I felt an odd sense of comfort being behind that wheel - it reminded me of my college days driving a bus. (Yes, I had a commercial B-class license in California).

Another tip I will suggest - we rented plastic boxes from a company called Karmaboxx. I highly recommend them - they are sturdy as can be, and on Sunday night when we had a small basement flood directly under our as-yet-to-be-assembled IKEA cabinets (OY!), we did not even bat an eyelash because the boxes are molded in one piece at the bottom (i.e. no leaks).

So, currently, we are dashing back and forth between cleaning up the old house for our final walk-through with our landlady on Wednesday, and coming back and unpacking more stuff at our new home.

And, yes, there is no kitchen. It is still down to the subfloor. We have 1/4" plywood to nail down, and after that we need to go buy some Hardiboard from Lowe's and then the actual tile (!!!) from Pius down in Sodo.  My goal is to have the tile and grout done and start assembling cabinets this weekend.


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