Monday, November 14, 2011

Snapdragon Mitts

I finally managed to get a picture of my Snapdragon mitts. I'm up to the point for knitting onto waste yarn for the thumb.  The flip-top will be knit onto a row of stitches.

These are a great knit, especially in Brooklyntweed's Shelter yarn. The yarn isn't the softest in the world, so if you are only used to cashmere or Angora rabbit hair gracing your skin, this might be a little scuffly, but I happen to love yarns with character, like Noro Kureyon and Shetland yarns, and this actually feels fairly soft to me. An interesting note is that I have found the occasional bit of grass in the yarn.  This just reinforces, to me, that the yarn was minimally processed and actually came from sheep (gasp).

Come at me, bro.


Brief house news: I met with the electrician today, and it looks like they have scheduled our whole-duplex rewiring to begin next Monday. And our floor refinishers come next Tuesday. And, oh, did I mention Thursday is Thanksgiving? Oh, and that we might not have a kitchen floor unless we have some plywood ready to screw into the joists? But at least the kitchen walls will be open to the studs, so the electricians can easily run wire to those areas. Daniel and I made a list of every wiring-related wish we had, and I gave a copy to the electrician, and he said that most items would be included. Hopefully, whoever our new tenants end up being, they will appreciate the money and work we've put forth into making their half a decent place to live!

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