Monday, November 21, 2011

Stocking Up

Since we have been in the midst of a kitchen demolition, I have not had the luxury of time at home to cook healthy foods for us.  Meats and vegetables lay dormant in the fridge.

I hope to rectify that today.

I did manage to roast a pastured chicken last Friday while waiting for a friend from college to show up (we had a great time for the few hours she was able to spend with me!) and now I need to cook up the rest of the veggies so they are ready to go and we aren't dependent on pho, delicious as it is, or other restaurant fare every night.

My plan is to remove the chicken meat from the bones and use the bones in a chicken stock, but then actually use the stock with some stew beef cubes I have in the fridge. Plenty of veggies can get hidden in there.  We also have some broccoli from our CSA box so I think I might prepare it a little differently than usual (which is: chop, toss in olive oil or ghee, roast at 400 deg F till it's a little crispy).  I think I will blanch it and then stir fry with some garlic.

I am sure there are other greens that need to get used, but one more dish idea I have is to just roast some potatoes.  The CSA box has gifted us with a few pounds of potatoes. I am saving some for Thanksgiving, but will probably throw a Pyrex dish with sliced potatoes in the oven with some butter and aromatics (like onion and garlic). 

Meanwhile, the electricians got started today! And the floor refinishers are coming tomorrow! After today, I actually will have a few days where I can cook after work instead of demolishing kitchens or hauling garbage.  Yay!

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