Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Eats

Here's a list of what I ate over the weekend, if you care to peruse!

Thursday evening I invited our friends Jim & Delphine over for some lamb curry I made. They continually complimented me via saying that the house smelled terrific :) and Delphine brought over a pint of chocolate gelato... which they left here with a scoop of gelato still remaining... sigh.


- Breakfast: salami, slices of grass-fed cheddar, organic pear, hazelnuts
- tea, hot & iced
- Lunch: tuna & avocado roll from Whole Foods
- Unsweetened whipped cream (made at home with my whipped cream dispenser) with organic strawberries and the remaining damn gelato
- Dinner: Thai food - pad garlic (pork with vegetables), white rice, red chicken curry

Activity included running errands & cleaning house, doing laundry going up and down the stairs to the basement to retrieve sheets and clothes from the dryer.


- Breakfast: deli ham slices, strawberries
- tea, hot & iced while getting a GEL MANICURE (people this is revolutionary. A couple of days later and still no chips in sight & the manicure is guaranteed at this salon for 14 days).
 - Lunch: Five Guys cheeseburger, no bun, fries
- Dinner:  cheese, a couple of strawberries

Activity included shoveling horse poop, gardening, and putzing around in the morning 


- Breakfast: deli ham slices, strawberries (the quart is almost gone)
- Lunch: steak tacos without tortillas, some black beans, iced tea
- Dinner: Chinese food - General Tso's (fried) chicken, mu shu pork no pancakes

Activity included Pilates class, walking around the farmer's market, and not much beyond that!
And here I am...  out of ham. :)


- Breakfast: grass-fed cheddar, last of the strawberries, homemade breve latte (milk was raw organic grass-fed cream from the farmer's market, Stumptown beans), hazelnuts
- iced tea

I am currently pondering lunch options...  A burger sans-bun sounds good. Burgers always sound good, and I am really sad that The Counter pulled out of their space in Ballard. I've not seen many places in Seattle where you can get a tasty burger atop a salad - in fact, that was The Place and they just closed their doors, all of a sudden, no explanation.  Rain City Burgers has a good grass-fed burger patty, though, so it may be worth a trip there if I don't want to get off my ass and cook.

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