Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I am Tired.

We woke up at 4 AM today, and I drove Daniel to the airport at 4:30 so he could head for Dallas and get a jump on his vacation. Then I headed up to Everett for work. I slept roughly 6 hours.

I had coffee, and now I realize I think I want sugar, but I know it will screw me over in the end. I feel jittery and my stomach is 'floaty' yet I want to lay down, and I finished lunch (leftover Latin Pork Casserole - mm!) during a teleconference about a half hour ago. My eyes are bloodshot. Six hours is not enough sleep for me, or for most people, frankly.

Since I got to work so early, I am leaving early, and will go take a long nap before Oly-lifting.

Interestingly, my CNS Tap Test app showed that my trendline has a negative slope (i.e. "going down") but not by much. The Tap Test was recommended by the Rolfer and it is an interesting tool, though I sometimes forget to use it. The same company that made the CNS Tap Test also makes an Overtraining Monitor app, but I actually had trouble finding a place where I could feel my pulse yesterday, so I have yet to use it.  Plus you have to enter your weight, and I like to base my weight off my operating empty weight (aka what I weigh first thing in the morning after I pee and before I eat anything...can you tell I work with airplanes.)


Random GOOD NEWS:  I went to Title Nine yesterday and bought a new tankini (in the blue print), an eyesearingly patterned pink dress, and a skirt (in the same "Turkish potpourri" fabric as this dress). The tankini's top is nice because it actually functions like a bra - it has underwires and hooks in the back. (It is a little hard to fenagle on, though). The bottoms actually skim over my gut so it's not so obvious.  I felt pretty comfortable parading around in it outside the dressing room, asking the saleswoman something before changing out of it. Daniel even approved of the print, though I think know suspect he'd prefer me in something more revealing.  And, uh, I went to Ben & Jerry's after Title Nine and had a scoop of Sweet Cream & Cookies ice cream.  But then I ate the rest of my lamb curry for dinner.

I also began swapping out winter for spring clothes (hear that? Began ... Seattle is still cool in the 50's and 60's) and two linen shirts that Daniel had bought for me in Asia somewhere FIT. Like, looked good on me. I couldn't button or slide them over my head when he came home in Fall 2010.  I am wearing one today at work. It is a peachy/salmon color and has black embroidery along the bottom hem; 1/2 sleeve and the neckline is slit like an Indian tunic.  I am wearing it with a deep violet wool cardigan from Banana Republic. I love their thin knit cardigans for layering and adding a punch of color.


Where was I? Oh yes. Tired.



- Lunch: Latin Pork casserole
- Single scoop Ben & Jerry's Sweet Cream & Cookies (almost $5! Kinda surprised at the price).
- Dinner: lamb curry


- Breakfast: 2/3-ish slice of quiche at Tully's (kinda gross), most (10 oz?) of 12 oz breve latte with one packet "Sugar in the Raw", a piece of bacon from home that is TOO SALTY WHAT THE HELL IS THAT (I got this bacon at a different stall than usual.. I think I will stick to Skagit River's bacon), a small handful of kumquats
- iced tea, water
- Lunch: Latin Pork Casserole, pear
(looked hard at the crack cocaine "snack bar" area full of HFCS and refined-everything where the microwaves are here at work. I am better than that.)

I think for dinner I am going to get a River City burger after Oly-lifting. That sounds nice.

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