Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Fiber Project List

So here are some ongoing projects that I feel compelled to put forth into the Universe, in the hopes that making them public will accelerate my will to complete them.

1) Spin and knit a pair of gloves or socks for the boyfriend. I need to present him with some patterns so he can pick out what he likes. I want to use the gray alpaca that I bought with him on Whidbey Island (poor thing drove me like 2+ hours to go to this underwhelming wool / alpaca sale). Plus, it's gray, and won't make him balk like a certain pair of green-toned "smoking" gloves did for someone else (a side note: I gave those gloves to my brother for Christmas last year, and he absolutely freakin' loves them! So, a note to knitters out there: Someone will like your gift, even if it's not the intended recipient).

1a) Practice knitting socks. I want to make a practice pair before making them for the boyfriend. And I desperately want to make the "Clessidra" pair from Knitty.com, but I need to practice the sock techniques, first, I think... Although who ever got anywhere by admitting limitations, eh? ;-)

2) Buy some wool combs. Either from online or from the Weaving Works in the U-District.

3) Spin some more wool for the Baltimore store that I have yarn on sale at. (Bad grammar. Eh.)

4) Acquire drum carder.

5) Make a shawl. I love the circular shawl patterns.

6) Try the Cat Bordhi method for knitting socks on two circular needles vs. dp's. I don't care, personally, but dp's actually are what I prefer at this point....but what do I know. :-) I do enjoy using her Moebius cast-on to make scarves, though....bringing me to #:

7) Make one of Cat Bordhi's Moebius purses and felt it in the washer.

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