Friday, May 18, 2007

The Great Chemical Exodus

I am on my way to becoming chemical-free (or at least using a lot less chemicals) in the bathroom.

I already clean with extremely environmentally friendly materials - vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, Bon Ami scrubby cleanser, and Ecos (?) toilet cleaner. I wash my clothes with Trader Joe's eco-friendly powdered laundy soap. I figured it was time to try to extricate the chemicals from my body products.

First to go was the lotion. I used to use Curel, but discovered that Trader Joe's has a body lotion (and creme, for the winter) that are not only biodegradable and natural, they are way cheap.

I have also switched to Method hand soap in the bathroom and kitchen. When that is gone, I will replace the soap in the pump bottles (re-using them) with Dr. Bronner's liquid soap. I have used solid soap in the past, but I think the liquid stuff keeps the countertops cleaner, overall.

I just finished off my last bottle of shaving cream (the metal bottle that makes the cream foam). I replaced that with Prince shaving cream from Lush. I love Lush.

I also finished the benzoyl peroxide face wash I was using, and replaced it with Coalface face wash bar from Lush. I basically got rid of my acne, so I figured I could start using natural products to control the last vestiges of it.

I have also been experimenting with natural deodorants. I have gone through phases in my life- wanting to smell clean, not wanting to smell like anything but be dry, and also a hippie phase where I didn't mind the smell. At least I don't smell too bad, like some folks. However, I am back in the "don't want to smell" phase. I am experimenting wtih three different deodorants from Lush: Fuwari ( a solid bar that is based on baking soda and some other powders), Powdry ( a powder deodorant with juniper oil, among other things), and Aromacreme (a creme deodorant that you rub on with your fingers). From the get-go, I scrape off Fuwari into a little sushi sauce-dish that I have. I also dispense Powdry in this way. I have a "kabuki" brush from when I bought a mineral makeup kit that I use to apply the powder - I tried my hands, but a brush does a much more effective job. I have had pretty good success with the Powdry, and with the Aromacreme, but I also have tried layering the Fuwari over the Aromacreme with good results. The one thing I notice is that the Powdry, for me, should be reapplied after about 6 hours, and probably wouldn't hold up to me biking. But you should shower anyway after doing something physical like that. :-)

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