Tuesday, May 1, 2007

New Lights, New Paint

I started to repair and paint over where the old track lighting strips were this evening. I filled the holes as best I could this first time with lightweight spackle (or "spackle-ting", as my dad calls it sometimes), and discovered that the dregs in the primer can still had a paintbrush in them. Thanks, Gary. So I painted a coat of primer over the stuff, and tomorrow I will lay a final skim coat of spackle over the holes, and then once that dries, paint everything and feather out the edges with the white ceiling paint.

I have a few more "clean-up" things to do tomorrow, in addition to hoping that Fred Meyer here has a plant stand that I rather liked when I saw it in Bremerton.

I'm having a birthday party/ housewarming party on Saturday - very excited. The boyfriend has watch on Friday, and he will be here Saturday morning. :-) I'll put him to work ;-)

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