Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Housewarming/ Birthday Party - 05MAY07

I had a birthday / housewarming party last Saturday, to celebrate my 26th (on May 2), and to welcome my friends formally into my new place. Kris, Randy, James, Dorothy, Rob, Ben & his gf Meghan, Sura & Paul, Lesli, Joanna, and my friend Chris showed up. Good times!

Unfortunately, the boyfriend couldn't come. He did something that pissed some CO off, and so he had to work extra watches, and one of them was on Saturday. Whee. So I was sad to not have him there, but fortunately I have a lot of friends who have fun together, so it was all good. :-) (He came over Sunday morning after he got off work, and we ended up going to the Seattle Art Museum and Pike Place Market).

Where was I?....

And 'ere are some pics to prove it!

These are my friends Randy & Kris (Randy is holding up the sombrero):

Here I am, vamping with Dorothy, who just shaved her head and still looks hot! I am jealous! Her boyfriend Rob and our friend Dave are in the background (Rob is in the hat).

(I just bought the dress that day from a store in Ballard that I am loving more every time I go in there; the dress, unfortunately, had a strap break and the zipper was sub-standard, but I went in today, and the owner is going to have the designer (who is in Portland), fix it free of charge. Yay!

And here is a picture of me in the dress... yay for self-timer-operated digital cameras. I love this dress. It reminds me of a tattered Cinderella...and my decolletage looks awesome, dagnabbit. I also bought the shoes on Saturday, but you can't really tell what they are. They're John Fluevogs (YEeeEes!) "Operetta" heels, in black. Maryjanes with a fat heel and diagonal top-of-foot Maryjane strap. And I paid about $40 less than they are marketed for on the Fluevog site. Even Better.

(The necklace I also bought at the store where I bought the dress....Voluairia? Something like that..) It's a block of lucite that has a lavender sprig embedded in it, then the finish has been sandblasted for a matte appearance. Not a bad deal for like $30 or something.

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