Thursday, June 12, 2008

Friday Night

Well, we returned safe, sound, and a little more tan from Louisiana. I was glad Daniel got to meet my parents and some of my family. He also got the chance to go see his grandparents and uncle down in Houston for about a day.

I'll post pics of that later.

My current phase of mind is: To-Do!

I'm miraculously almost done with my first "Serendipity" sock, which is the January STR sock club pattern. It's actually a quick-going sock. I don't like the double w&t's on the heel, but that is an easy fix. I prefer the concealed wraps on a short row heel, myself.

Daniel has to work this Friday. So, I may go to my friend's monthly happy hour - this month it's in Mercer Island. But I might stay home... I'm sure I'll be pretty wiped when I get home tomorrow after work. I also have a small To-Do list to complete:

- Luv Gun (!!)
- start the second panel of my giant chenille blanket
- finish Sock 1 of Serendipity
- work on some of that odious stockinette stitch for the Marigold vest

And I think I am going to rip out the Noro sock I was using for the 2-at-a-time Magic Loop and use it for something else. That project has not called to me in a while...which means it's time to do something else.

Apart from that, I have to wash the bedsheets and mop the floor. And find out where my pot of sunflower starts got blown off to? I haven't seen them since I left for vacation! Ah well. At least it was a yogurt container, repurposed....but still! :(

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