Friday, June 27, 2008

WIP Friday + Yurt

Tomorrow, I will be venturing forth to Dosewallips State Park and staying in a yurt for the night with my friends Tori, Igor and Ryan. I still owe Tori $160 for the whale-watching trip from last would be nice if she has Paypal or something similar, so I can just pay her online and be done with it.

Anyway, so I went to the store and got provisions for camping - marshmallows, eggs, sausage, know, important food. (I already have plenty of beer in the trunk of the car).

And now for something completely different

The WIP list:

Chenille blanket: *zzz* Haven't touched this in a while...

Branching Out scarf: I just started this last week, and am using my new ball of Handmaiden SeaSilk for it. It is...gorgeous! Although I may rip it out and start over in smaller needles, but I haven't decided yet if I like the open stitches or not.

Brunhilde hat: I am at least halfway up the body of the hat. I switched from Magic Loop (using KP nickel-plated Options) to bamboo dp's because I was hating getting the KP yarn (Wool of the Andes) stuck every time it passed over the join (maybe I got a crappy set of needles, but I would think more people would be complaining about this. Also, WOTA is, like many KP yarns, loosely plied). Anyway, now I am also hating the bamboo dp's. They are Clovers, and unpolished, and blunt-tipped. *flail*. I am pondering whether it would be beneficial to buy a bunch of KP nickel-plated needles all at once and get free shipping.... Anyway, the other disadvantage to using dp's is that I can't really try the hat on to make sure it's the correct depth before decreasing. Ah well... onward!

Serendipity socks: I finished sock 1 a couple of weeks ago, and am into the second repeat of the 28 round lace pattern on the leg of the sock. At this rate, I may finish the leg tonight, and perhaps turn the heel while camping (I did bring my headlamp this time!)

Ms. Marigold vest: *zzz*. I actually do want to finish this, but the splitty nature of the KP yarn I am using has put me off before. At least I've got it on an Addi Turbo so I know the needle isn't the problem. :)

...Wow, is that it? Is that all I have on the needles? (*all*....) I was thinking I had more going on... Ah, well, I ripped out the Tulip booties for Leslie. I still have time to make her a BSJ if I hustle, but, damn, that baby is going to be in Florida, where it's cold two days a year... I'll think of something. Maybe a lacy dress in an organic yarn? I am definitely getting her a Teavana gift set of some sort. I know she's got a bunch of baby crap, so I thought I'd get her something nice for her.


I shall sit here for the rest of the evening. I washed my car at Daniel's, and also pulled some weeds, and now my allergies are starting to kick in, even though I did the prophylactic decon step of taking a shower immediately after coming in from the outdoors...*sigh*.

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