Friday, June 20, 2008


Tomorrow we're going camping!

I should elaborate:

- Today, Igor, Tori, Ryan, Chris, and Melinda are already camping.
- Tomorrow, Daniel and I will join them.

We were going to go tonight after Daniel got off work, but they changed his duty schedule at the last minute (read: Wednesday night), so he is working tonight, and we'll hit the road after he gets here on the ferry tomorrow.

The gang is already over on San Juan Island. To get there, we have to drive two hours north of Seattle to Anacortes, then take the 1.5 - 2 hr ferry over to the Island (it's an inter-island ferry, so unless you hit an Express ferry, you get to wait through a few other's like a water-bound milk run). We're supposed to go on a whale-watching tour tomorrow night, so I'm pretty excited. There are three orca pods (J,K, and L) that make their home in the waters near the San Juan Islands (and I believe Cat Bordhi also makes her home up there, somewhere...though she's probably on land ;-) ).

So, in recognition of going camping, and also that some of Tori's supplies got mauled by her cats, I made an REI run today.

Want to see what I bought?

- 2 x REI sleeping mats

- 1 x North Face zip-off convertible pants (the pant legs zip off to make a pair of shorts. It's pretty handy in an area like this where it can go from hot and sunny to cold and rainy very quickly. These pants happened to fit me well, without being super baggy. An added benefit, I suppose, is that the fabric purports to have a UPF of 50, which, I think, is a good thing).

- 1 x sun hat (this isn't it. Sorta like this, but it has a cute embroidered ribbon around it, and a removable chin strap, so it doesn't blow off my head. Also made of organic cotton).

- 2 x little carabeeners (those clips mountain climbers use on their ropes), except these are just to clip my keys or water bottle to things.

- 1 x hiking socks.

I also got a nice-sized Igloo cooler at the thrift store on Wednesday for $6, which was awesome. And I get to use the luggage cart I bought for my kayak to pull it onto the ferry tomorrow (at least that's the plan). I thought about buying one of the cool new coolers that has the built-in handle and wheels, but... I am cheap sometimes. :)

I need to finish packing my backpack, load up the iPod for the car ride up and back, and get everything that doesn't need cooling in the cooler tonight.

...I think I'm ready! :)

Now all I have to do is pick out a couple of knitting projects to take with me. I might just take the "Serendipity" sock, since I'm probably close to starting the lace pattern on the leg any time now, but I've also made good progress on Kris' Brunhilde hat. And tonight, I'm going to try and finish the LuvGun. I only have one half-heart left to knit, then sew them together and stuff 'em!

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