Monday, June 2, 2008

Sox N Snax

I figure it's safe to post a picture of my March RSC shipment, since it looks like everyone else has already gotten theirs. All I can say is: WOW. Tina did an excellent job (for those of you who don't know, Tina is the dyeing maven behind Blue Moon Fiber Arts).

The colorway is called "The Incredible Shrinking Violet". Fabulous!!!!

Here is the pattern, by Yarnissima, designer of the Firestarter socks.

Saturday, since I had the afternoon to myself, I cast on for the January RSC socks (finally). The pattern is going quite well! I have to say, I haven't knit with STR Lightweight till now, but I really am enjoying it... and the lace pattern travels, so it's keeping me interested. And the yarn is actually striping, for once! :)

(UGH - sorry the picture is camera is in it's death throes...)

I also finally connected my Ms. Marigold vest and started knitting down in the round. I am hoping it fits... :) I didn't make a huge gauge swatch, which is usually recommended by people like the Knit So Fine authors, as well as EZ herself.

In other news:

- I start my job exchange (or "prisoner exchange", as I like to call it. :) ), on Monday... I will be working at my friend's job in 777 Installations Analysis for the next 6 months - so, until Christmas vacation. She will work in my position in 747-8 Engine Performance. We'll see how it goes.

- Tomorrow night, my pole dancing class starts! Yay! I am excited. :) I love this teacher, and maybe this time if I learn to spin, I'll get a pole. :)

- Wednesday morning, Daniel and I will take flight to Baton Rouge, LA, and visit my family (and he will travel to visit his grandparents in Houston while he's there).

My travel knitting will be the January socks. They are very compact, especially since the yarn cake hasn't gone nuts and started unwinding itself yet. Plus, I highly doubt I'll complete a pair of socks in four days, even if there will be a ton of travel time (5 hr flight each way + wait time at the airport, then a 2.5 hour drive to Lake Charles, not including leisure time spent at home, hanging out). But NO! I will be good and only take one project. If I REALLY finish the pair (a mighty feat), I will drag someone to an LYS. There has to be an LYS in Lake Charles somewhere.

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Piggilicious said...

Well, your Fiber Art updates finally did me in. I ventured to the Blue Moon website and looked at all the stuff. They look fantastic!

I'm thinking about getting this:

Little Bunny Foo Foo

For a thin scarf for here... would you suggest the lightweight or the medium weight?