Thursday, January 1, 2009


I'm slowly getting buzzed and alternating between Raveling, knitting on my Wisteria sweater, and looking at what pattern to cast on next...while drinking beer and watching Star Trek.

What a start to 2009!

Actually, I am sort of waiting to see if Kris and Randy will give me a call. They are (or were?) over at their friend's Ken and Crystal's house. I would have gone, but a) I was re-caulking my kitchen sink and countertop (seriously. It looks better now.) and Ken's house has various cats in it, so I didn't really feel like drugging myself up to go hang with the cats. Ah well. :)

I recently finished knitting up Brooklyntweed's "Habitat" hat (below..can you even tell what it is, beyond a textured gray hat?? :) ). I enjoyed it enough to consider other patterns of his.

Note: This hat needs a yarn that shows stitch definition. The Gotland I used is too fuzzy. I will remake this in perhaps Cascade 220 or my Malabrigo test skein for Daniel's sweater. I will also make the "Small" size. I made the M/L size and it's...big. It's too big for me or Daniel. It might fit my siblings - either my brother or my sister has a huge head. I can't remember which one. :)
Anyway, I have the cast-on fever, and I am considering either starting Brooklyntweed's Girasol blanket (aka "sunflower" in Spanish), or his Hemlock Ring adaptation into a blanket. I bought a skein of Cascade Eco-Wool in a fit of consumerism, and am loving it, but wondering if really I want cream wool, or if I should go back to Fiber Gallery and buy a darker color?... I am perpetually amazed at the put-up yardage in Eco-Wool (for the price). AWESOME!!! :)
As for hats, I also want to make Porom for my sister (since the model kind of looks like her, and I think the slouchy hat would work well for her curly hair). And the "ktbl" still eludes me, so Koolhaas is on the back burner for now.
Yes, yes, I have Jared-Fever. I can resist the Noro striped scarf, though. :) But once I figure out the "ktbl" thingie, I'll go for the Koolhaas again...
Sometimes I hate being a knitting groupie (check out how many people have knit Clapotis or Monkey socks or even that blasted Noro striped scarf). But sometimes (sometimes) the best patterns really do rise to the top of the pile, and since knitting is not as everyday a skill as it used to be, you can be somewhat assured that whatever you choose to make will be relatively unique....till you spot another knitter wearing it. :)

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