Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

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Up above is a mosaic of all my finished projects for 2008. If it is acting weird, you can check out the URL here:

I hope everyone had a great year!

My goals for 2009:

- Exercise at least 5x / week. I am pretty much taking care of this already, but I noticed I didn't go cycling nearly as much as I would have liked this summer (excuses that it was a cold summer notwithstanding). I go to Crossfit Monday - Thursday, and I have pilates on Sunday morning with Kris and Jeanelle, but I would like to incorporate more outdoor activities, especially now that my knees are so much better.

Goals related to Crossfit:

6 Month (by June 09): 80 kg (176.4 lb) deadlift, 10 strict (no knees on floor) pushups, handstand pushup (x 1), run/jog a mile without breaking to walk.

Health / Lifestyle Goals:

- Visit Daniel in Japan...lots. He will be leaving in February, and I will miss him insanely. Luckily, my manager at work said I should be able to telecommute from Japan for short spurts.

- Eat less meat. Just a goal in general. It's healthier and lighter on the Earth.

- Eat more vegetables. I do pretty well, but honestly I could tune this up a bit.

- Visit the farmer's markets more. Buy more local food. I just noticed a bottle of hard cider I bought is from Michigan. Why did I support shipping something halfway across the country when there are plenty of great ciders made in Washington and Oregon?

- Save & invest more money. I am aiming for a promotion this year, which would mean a substantial raise. The automated savings deductions work very well for me.

- Buy a house. Up to $300,000. At least 2 br / 1.5 bath. Yard. Gas range. Cute. With a Walking Score of at least 85.

- Visit my family and friends around the US. Or, when I have that spare bedroom...they can come visit me!

- Reconnect with Seattle friends.

- Be Outside! Enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

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