Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Itchy Fingers

Well, not literally. That would be gross and I'd have to get a cream or something for it.

A current list of what I'm working on, and what I want to be working on is below. It helps me to organize my thoughts, see where I'm going...all good things.

I would also like to note that today is DAY TEN with No Superfluous Sugar. (I think it's Day 10. Could be Day 9.) This means: no junk food, no candy, no sugar in tea or coffee, no ice cream. I am still eating fruits, some fruit juice (not much, and unsweetened), and unsweetened dried fruits. It's going OK, actually. Probably because I'm letting myself eat dried fruits. 4 more days and supposedly I'll kick the majority of my sugar-eating habits out the door.

Currently Underway:

- "Dashing" mitts, in tangerine Cascade 220 (sleeping, I guess)

- "Hemlock Ring" blanket, in latte/ oatmeal Cascade Eco-Wool (I haven't touched it in maybe 5 days)

- "Wisteria" sweater, in "Cuarzo", Malabrigo worsted (22 bottom-chart rows left)

- "Monkey" socks, in "Fire on the Mountain", Blue Moon Socks That Rock Lightweight (foot and toe left)

- "Dog's Paw Shawl", in handspun merino / tussah silk / dog down


What I Want to Start:

- Slouch hat for my sister - probably "Porom"

- gloves for Olivia - either bulky weight mittens or maybe fingerless gloves

- gloves for John - flip tops?

- socks for Daniel

- sweater for Daniel

- flip top mitts for me with my new Kureyon (#207)

....Among myriads of other interesting looking things.


In unrelated news:

- my building is tarped. It sucks. I am pretty pissed. The entire building is wrapped in what looks like forest green window screening. The mesh makes the outside world beyond look dark and foggy all the time. I really hope the contractors get their act together and hurry this project up.

- my neighbor is selling her unit. I am hoping she tells me how much she gets for it, and whether she is able to sell it with the tarp over the window!

- Daniel and I were discussing my condo, and he suggested that I sell it in 2010 before the ARM resets, and rent until he got back in WA and we were able to buy a home together. :) This is an interesting proposition, and I could get living downtown "out of my system" (if it ever wants to leave).

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