Sunday, April 19, 2009

Crossfit Diet Challenge

I received an email from my Crossfit studio, saying they had a Diet Challenge coming up.

I think I am going to do it!

The terms are that you pay $30 into a kitty. The challenge lasts from May 1 - June 19 (seven weeks), and you are to keep a food diary and email it to the group participating once a week. You also take "before" and "after" pictures in a bikini top and shorts (for women).

The winner gets the entire kitty + 1 month of free Crossfit!

This will be interesting, because they encourage people to at least give up gluten and processed foods, and I am already a couple of steps ahead of them.

I think my big problems here are:

- I have a HUGE sweet tooth, and I really have to not have any sugar in the house if I don't want to go snacking on it. (I just cleaned out my cupboards - again. I shall be tossing some old Snickers bars Daniel left here, as well as some rice, etcetera).

- I eat a lot of fruit, since I don't eat a lot of sugary foods anymore. Of course, fruit (and dried fruit) are full of fructose...their own sugar.

- I don't "really" practice portion control.

- I know I eat way more fat than either the Zone or the Paleo diet advises...


Time to dig out the Zone portions book, and remember what the heck everything was (e.g. I think one block of watermelon was 3/4 cup, and I think a block of strawberries were 1.5 cups...but I need to go look! It's been 10 years).


Wish me luck! I might even be brave and post my Before and After pics on here! (EEP!)


Step3 said...

Good Luck babe! Did you ever know that your my hero?

Mel said...

Aw, thanks darlin'!!! :)