Monday, April 27, 2009

Diet Challenge Update

I got my "Before" pictures taken today, flub and all. It wasn't so bad, the woman taking the photos did it in the women's bathroom at the gym. The Challenge starts Friday! I am ready, though... I figure if I can lose 5-10 lb in 7 weeks, that would be freakin' awesome, and help me to eventually achieve my goal of being Gutless (well, in a physical sense of the word, because having Guts is important, of course... oh, I've dug a hole, haven't I...)

I learned there are 30 people participating - that's a $900 (!) kitty!!! Plus a month of free unlimited Crossfit brings the total prize to $1060. Thank god they are doing cash - I don't think you'd have to report it? :)

The workout today was simple, yet tough. Alternating 3 barbell push-press-squats with a partner, for 20 minutes. My partner and I used 20 kg, and I think we got 27 rounds in? Yeah!!

Dinner was a pint of watermelon chunks and a large oven-baked pork chop in African spice.

I need to go set up a Food Diary as a Google document so I can access it from wherever I am - when I did the food diary with Fran, I liked not having to remember what I ate so I could enter it at work, or at home, etc.

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