Monday, April 27, 2009

Jen's Bridal Shower - posthaste

I kept forgetting to post pictures I took of my lovely friend Jen's bridal shower two weeks (!) ago....and now she is married!! Their wedding was awesome; the actual ceremony was less than 10 minutes, and included such fabulous nuggets of wisdom as, "When you are sick, I will make you orange Jell-O", and my personal favorite, "I promise to know the difference between stockinette and reverse stockinette stitch..." ... The vows were pretty funny, but it was very obvious that she is crazy about her new husband, Lon. Actually, the first time I met him was at their wedding! I sat next to some other glassblowers. :) Then I sat next to knitters at the reception.

So, here are some pics! Here is Jen opening gifts as her sister is passing them to her. :) (I liked the color of her sister's shirt, which was really interesting that a redhead could pull it off, but she wore it well!)

Here is a shot of the personalized Dove candies that her sister had made up. They really went to a lot of effort to pull this event off, and even though bridal showers are definitely not my usual scene, I could tell they did it with love and just wanting Jen to have a great time.

Here is a shot of Jen's sister bringing over a giant canister of Dove candies - the girl in the black shirt eventually guessed how many were in there, and won the jar, which she promptly shared with everyone. (I should also mention Jen's ridiculous funny maribou-trimmed light-up tiara! Yeah!)

And here she is, in attack mode for the cake. :)

Congratulations, Jen!! I am so happy for you and Lon!!!!

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