Friday, April 17, 2009

Totally Random

Time for a bulleted blog post!

  • I started knitting the February Lady Sweater, from FlintKnits, using Plymouth Mushishi yarn. The yardage is even better than Eco-Wool, and so I think I'll get away with two skeins of it. If not, it might have shortened sleeves, or some handspun to coordinate.
  • I started spinning some merino lamb that Kim had sent me a while back. It's soft! I am spinning it on my Kundert top-whorl drop spindle, and the only prep I am doing is fluffing the locks before barely predrafting them. Turning out fairly well! I am going to Andean ply it (i.e. wrap it around my hand and use the resulting bracelet to make a 2 ply yarn).
  • I got bored with my coffee table, so I painted it! Currently, the top is drying from it's second coat of chocolate brown paint. It's the same paint as is on some of my walls, so I am fairly sure it will coordinate. I think I am going to do some sort of leaf design on top. I wanted a new table, so I thought I'd paint it before I went spending cash.
  • My friend Jen's wedding is tomorrow! I am so happy for her. I'll be there, even if weddings and such are not my scene. Daniel wants a curtain pulled back to have the entire scene revealed without any pomp. :)

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