Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bartholomew's Socks are Done!

I've got "They Call Me Bruce?" on in the background. It looks like it was filmed in the 80's. Supposedly this Asian guy travels to the US as an adult at the belated request of his dying grandpa, and he looks just like Bruce Lee...

Anyway. I present an FO! "Bartholomew's Tantalizing Socks", by Cat Bordhi, in her book "New Pathways in Sock Knitting: Book One".

The cuff splits open in the back of the sock. I don't like how the "Star Toe" works out for me. It gets bubbly at the top - I think I prefer toes that concentrate the decreases on the sides, instead of making round toes with symmetrical decreases all the way around.

In celebration of finishing those socks (FINALLY), I got the cast-on-itis. I started Kris' Brunhilde hat this morning on the ferry. Bobbles are almost done. I hope it fits - Randy's hat was too big, so I am making it a snug fit on my head. Hopefully it'll work.

This afternoon, I also cast on for the January (!) Rockin' Sock club pattern (and yarn). The pattern is called "Serendipity", and the yarn is called "Dragon's Dance".

Here is a little treat I bought myself today at Hilltop Yarn in Queen Anne. It's Hand Maiden "SeaSilk", 70% silk and 30% seacell. It's a heavy laceweight, just a little lighter than STR Lightweight...actually, they might be about the same weight (they are next to each other on my coffee table right now). The color is off in the picture - it's actually a periwinkle color, and kettle dyed, I think - very pretty!

I was thinking of making a lacey scarf with this, but now that I see it's a heavy laceweight, I am thinking maybe some lacy fingerless mitts?

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Quatzical said...

Beautiful socks! I know the colors weren't supposed to pool, but I really like the way they turned out. I don't know why people try to avoid it, I love pooling. And way to go, starting another two projects in one day.

Let me know what you think of the Handmaiden sea silk. I just got a batt of seacell and silk that I can't wait to dye and spin. I loved the Handmaiden yarn I used for my Cinderella gloves and it looks like a similar colorway. If you need a pattern for fingerless gloves, you could easily adapt my pattern, it's mostly stockinette with a strip of lace to keep things interesting. I'm curious how easy the pattern is to follow though I was actually going to undo my hands and redo them (they're a little tight) so I might have some edits.