Monday, May 18, 2009

Trying New Things

After spending a weekend in Portland with Jeanne, and getting to weave a bit on her Friends Rug, I decided that I would like to try some weaving of my own! (For reference, the portion I wove is the yellow and brown stripe. I also kept weaving after that, and got about 6-7" done before we had to go inside the main house for breakfast.)

Weaving is "teh awesum!" I thought it was great fun. I am now looking at cheap, space-saving options for trying out weaving, to make sure I enjoy it enough before investing in real tools (like giant looms).

One of the LYS' in Seattle, Weaving Works, has plenty of weaving classes. I am awaiting their summer schedule. In the event that I cannot finish a June-series class, I contacted the local spinning guild in Lake Charles, LA (Spinners and Weavers of Imperial Calcasieu), and am hopeful that someone in the guild would be willing to take some time and teach me to weave (and possibly lend me a small loom while I am out there).

Another type of project I have been learning more about is known as card weaving, or tablet weaving. My friend Jen pointed out this project as good for a beginner. The essence of card weaving seems to be that you thread the warp threads through a series of cardboard squares, and between using a stick shuttle to weave the weft in, and rotating the cards, you weave your desired design.

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