Sunday, May 17, 2009

What I've Been Up To

After pilates class this morning, Kris, Jeanelle, and I went down to Pike Place...

...and walked amongst the Seattle Cheese Festival crowd....


Yesterday, I went kayaking with some friends in the Mercer Slough, off of Lake Washington...

... and I also finished spinning a yarn called "Fire and Ice" (fiber from Traveling Rhinos fiber club)....


Last weekend, I went down to Portland with my friend, Jeanne...

(this is us hiking along Tom McCall trail)

... I discovered several things on this trip, like...

- Jeanne and I have the same wheel
- Jeanne gave me a brief primer in weaving. I love it!
- I want Daniel and I to have a life somewhat similar to Jeanne and her husband's, with respect to quality of life and early retirement, etc.



- Paleo diet, while improving my stomach function and maintaining clear skin, does not seem to be making me skinnier. On the upside, I kayaked "like a windmill" yesterday, coming in about 15 minutes ahead of my friends. I was able to do 20 x 45 kg deadlifts in a row the other day. I could also do 10 pushups while holding my gut in and not touching my knees to the ground (hooray for small triumphs). Soon I can cross the 10 pushups off my "6 month goal" list at the gym.

- I am hoping for an intro to weaving class in June at my LYS. If it doesn't complete before I leave for Louisiana, I did get in contact with the regional guild out there, Spinners & Weavers of Imperial Calcasieu. Hopefully there will be some kind person who would be willing to teach me and lend me a small loom while I am out there!

- The Hemlock Ring Blanket is almost done. Hope the recipient likes it!

- I split off the stitches for the sleeves to my February Lady Sweater. Now it's just straight gull-lace stitch all the way down to the waist.

- I am hoping to process some fiber tonight for spinning this week. I have a goal of working my fiber stash down before I hit up OFFF or Black Sheep Gathering this summer.


What are you up to?

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