Monday, November 5, 2007

A Day In The Life

You may ask yourself, "Where does all my time go?"

Well, here is my thought experiment on where all my time goes... this is a typical Monday and Tuesday, which sort of covers the entire week for me:

0604 hours: Alarm goes off. Pop out of bed and into shower.

0615 hours: Exit shower. Dry off and apply various face creams and body lotions. Dress.

0620 hours: Dry hair using hairdryer.

0625 hours: Brush teeth with Sonicare, and while one hand is doing that, the other hand sprays orchids with water mist, and gathers lunchbox and smoothie mug out of the fridge and sets them by the door.

0630 hours: Exit condo with work bag, lunch box, smoothie mug, jacket, and keys. Hope I remembered my work ID card.

Get into car and drive to work.

0705 hours: Arrive at work. Unlock laptop from cabinet in cube, plug in and turn on laptop, lock it to desk. Turn on cubicle fluorescent lights. Put away messenger bag and purse. Get out teabag for mug. Take lunchbox, mug, and water bottle to coffee area. Refrigerate lunch box and fill mug with hot water, and water bottle with cold water from water cooler.

0730: Finish checking morning email. Sign into UNIX server and begin work.

0830: Get first "bug" from coworkers regarding work (average time). If I'm lucky, I've had time to spool up before work gets busy. Take first of many trips to the bathroom.

Alternately work and check email.

1100: Time for lunch. Eat while either surfing internet or running files, depending on how busy the workday is.

1200: Someone needs something around lunchtime, usually. Or my friend will want me to go stand outside with her while she smokes a cigarrette, doing her best to stand downwind of me.

Alternately work and surf internet, check email. At least email is justified - lots of files take their time running. Coworker will invariably complain to me about something during the day, usually by this point.

1600: Time to leave (1500 if Tuesday). Skedaddle!!

1645: Average time of arrival at home. Arrive and eat dinner, relax for a minute. If I'm especially enterprising, I'll make lunch and breakfast for the next day at this time.

1800: Leave for band rehearsal (if Monday).

2100: Leave band rehearsal.

2130: Arrive home from band rehearsal. If I haven't made lunch and breakfast during the break, I have to do it now.

Brush teeth and wash face. Change into pajamas. If I'm feeling ambitious, I'll check my email at this time.

2200: Lower Murphy bed and crawl in. Fall asleep by 2300 hours.


0604: Start Over.


The after-work activities vary depending on the day:

Monday: Band rehearsal 1800 - 2100 (really 1900 - 2100, but you have to find parking beforehand)

Tuesday: Pilates from 1600 - 1700, Spinning from 1800-1900

Wednesday: Pilates from 1900-2000 hours, dinner following (leave by 2100)

Thursday: Spinning from 1800-1900

Friday: Work (if not a day off) is usually done from 0600 - 1400 hours (yay!)...then I get to play for the weekend!

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