Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Quiz

1.) Name one person that made you laugh last night?

My friend Randy, before pilates class last night. He was telling me about a horrible coworker of his wife who doesn't know when to shut up!

2.) What were you doing at 0800?

This morning? I was checking e-mail at work, and doing the final touch-ups to a data request before my coworker returned from Hawaii.

3.) What happened to you in 2006?

I moved to Seattle on January 4, and started working at Boeing on January 20. I dated a bunch of interesting guys, met some great friends in the area, rented a great apartment in Belltown, and was able to take a vacation to Maryland to see my friends I'd made in 2005.

4.) How many beverages did you have today?

A cup of Maya Chai Teecino, about 5 cups of herbal tea, 32 oz of water (at least), and a tofu/frozen fruit smoothie this morning (does that count as a beverage?)

5.) What colour is your hairbrush?

It's a red wooden handle with black bristles that I stole from my mom because it brushed my hair better than anything else ever has before.

6.) Where were you last night?

At 6 PM I went to pilates class, and returned home at 8:30 PM or so.

7.) What colour is your front door?

Some sort of generic off-white color. I live in a condo building.

8.) Where do you keep your change?

I try to keep it out of my wallet. Quarters go into a jar so I can use them for bus fare, and other coinage goes into a bag in the same jar so I can roll them up and deposit them when I get enough.

9.) What’s the weather like today?

Cloudy. The high temperature was about 50 deg F. It rained pretty heavily this morning, but tapered off, and wasn't raining last time I checked outside.

10.) What’s the best ice cream flavour?

I love crazy flavors, like champagne, or pumpkin pie... but the classic one is chocolate chip cookie dough!

11.) What excites you?

Getting to spend time with my family / boyfriend / friends. Losing weight. Knitting. Spinning yarn. Petting animals. Driving fast cars. Reading new books and magazines. Getting my hair highlighted. Watching my skin clear up. Waiting for packages to come in the mail. Walking outside and discovering it's a beautiful, clear day. Discovering my orchids are growing new flower stems. Going to a farmer's market.

12.) Do you want to cut your hair?

I had it in a boy-cut for 10 years, so I decided I might try growing it out. It currently is beyond my ears.

13.) Are you over the age of 25?


14.) Do you talk a lot?

Why yes I do! :-) Actually, it's nice to be with Daniel because he is one person, ironically, who I don't absolutely need to talk around.

15.) Do you watch the OC?

No, but I've been there...but that was a long time ago. :-)

16.) Do you make up your own words?

I like to make up cuss words so I can spout them at work and to my sister. My sister and I also make up animal noises, and for some reason my family has adopted the noise of a dog howling as a valid exclamation (sometimes shortened to "Barr"...)

17.) Are you a jealous person?

Not too much. I can usually admit it when I am, though. :-)

18.) Name a friend that starts with an ‘A’.

Alyison! Since when did you know someone who spelled their name "A-l-y-i-s-o-n"?

19.) Name a friend that starts with a ‘K’.

Kim Knecht, Kim Nguyen, Kris McCord...

20.) Who’s the first person on your received call list?

My friend Aash. He called me up last night!

21.) What does the last text message received say?

I don't pay for text messages, so I actually get somewhat annoyed when people send them to me.

22.) Do you chew on a straw?

I used to, but not anymore.

23.) Where’s the next place you are going?

Work...tomorrow morning. Then back home, then to rehearsal up north of Seattle. The next exciting place I am going will be to Daniel's house this weekend (I presume).

24.) Who’s the rudest person in your life?

I've got a few folks, but I try hard not to talk to them so much.

25.) What was the last thing you ate?

A tofu ice cream bar-lette.

26.) Will you get married in the future?

Hmmm.... I don't know. Maybe, if I find the right guy. :-)

27.) What’s the best film you’ve seen in the last two weeks?

I am actually watching "Jeffrey" as I type this. It is hi-larious. I love Patrick Stewart, and he's an uber-gay guy... it is hysterical!

28.) When was the last time you did the dishes?

I did a bunch of dishes earlier tonight. There is a mixer and a small Pyrex dish in the sink right now.

29.) Are you currently depressed?


30.) Did you cry today?

No. I can probably count the number of times I have cried on ...well, the answer is not a lot.

31.) What was the last thing you said aloud?

"Bye, George!" ..this was to my neighbor's cat, who I am cat-sitting (well, the cat is next door, so I don't have to live with it...)

32.) What car do you drive and what bumper stickers do you have on it?

I drive a Honda Civic 4-door. I love it because it never has any huge problems, and it will go forever. I used to have a "Starfleet Academy" bumper sticker on a window, but it faded while I was in college, so I took it off once I moved to Maryland.

33.) Why did you answer this and post it?

I was bored. It looked like a good idea at the time.

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