Tuesday, November 13, 2007


First, a note. Today's movie recommendation?! "Jeffrey". Patrick Stewart plays a gay decorator, and Nathan Lane is a gay priest. I think the main character is one of the guys from "Wings", too... Freakin' Hysterical!!!!!


Well, I finished my first "Dove" sock last week. I finally took a picture:

The subtle diamond shape worked in purl stitches that encompasses the gusset increase is a little hard to photograph.

And here is the cast-on toe for Dove #2!!

I am very glad that I don't suffer from SSS (Second Sock Syndrome), often characterized by a reluctance to repeat a pattern in order to make a second (matching) sock. I enjoy that I have worked out all the kinks (if any) in the first time around.

Here is my current spinning progress. I finished up a ply of the second half of my Duets roving. I started the second ply last night, after finishing the first ply of Daniel's instep sock yarn.

Here's a pic of the Duets roving:

And, finally... my 2-at-a-time Metamorphic socks. It is taking a little longer than I figured, because it takes a lot of concentration for me to be pulling the yarn correctly, and also sometimes I get confused which needle is supposed to go where. It just takes patience. ... Which is why, I guess, knitters have different WIPs. Different projects for different levels of patience.

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