Sunday, November 18, 2007

Vegetal Madness

I just spent the last hour in a whirlwind of kitchen efficiency. I made a roasted concoction of celery root, potato, fennel, and ginger with some maple syrup. I made a mess of rainbow chard + dinosaur kale, with sweated onions, bacon, and gewurtztraminer wine. I braised four chicken sausages in unsweetened cranberry juice and gewurtztraminer wine. I made a cup of thai iced tea with coconut milk. I chopped and prepped a bunch of carrots for lunches, two heads of broccoli for broiling, and some beets for roasting later.

I also discovered that some things had not fared so well in the crisper - I had forgotten about my baby bok chois and some baby kale mix (sadness) and it was time to dump a head of Napa cabbage.

On the flip side, I am overwrought with squash. I have two acorns, a delicata, a pumpkin-looking-thing-but-it's-green-and-splotchy, and a spaghetti squash. I have two yams, and maybe 7 lb of different types of potatoes. I have sunchokes. I am flush with produce! :-)

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