Saturday, November 3, 2007

One Leg Done

I finished the first of Daniel's sock legs this morning. I am impressed with how quickly the ribbing knit up. I should have brought waste yarn and put the first leg on hold while I knit the leg of the second sock, but I didn't. (I should mention that I'm at his house right now, listening to his comments as he repairs a motor that controls one of his headlights on his Firebird (his daily driver is an Acura, but he brought his old car back from Texas on his last trip home). I did offer him help, but he only needed it once, when I pointed out the order that the motor should be removed from the vehicle. Other than that, he knows what he's doing (I am pleasantly surprised that a EE can figure out mechanical linkages ;-)).

Anyway, back to the sock. It's sort of on hold till I return home tomorrow. I guess I could turn the heel now, but the instep will have to wait till I spin up the rest of the merino/silk roving. I think I'll have enough if I just knit it in ribbing on the instep. He mentioned he goes through socks quickly....thank god I found a yarn with nylon in it!! (I was thinking of carrying along a woolly nylon thread while I was knitting, but at the last minute I threw caution to the wind). I will have to excavate my mom's supply of woolly nylon thread cones when I go home for Christmas - she used them a lot for swim/ dance wear. And she might not mind if I pilfer some, now that she doesn't sew as much as she used to. ;-)

Meanwhile, I've still got my Dove sock to knit. I am in the midst of the gusset increase. It's going well this time, although I lost my notes sheet that I had tucked in the sack with the sock.

And now I have to get out of Daniel's rocking recliner. Whenever I am in a rocking chair, I am compelled to use the rocking feature, only rocking and typing is making me dizzy. So off I go to knit some more!

And the weather, you ask? Well, it was still black out at 0700 this morning (when I was out in the cold, waiting for a bus that was 20 minutes late), but it appears that the sun is trying to break through the Bremerton, at least..

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