Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday's Work

I had to get up today at 0630 to go see Daniel. So, of course, if I can't sleep more than 8 hours on a weekend, at least it gets me knitting. I am about a third to halfway through with Daniel's second sock leg. The instep yarn is half-spun (ie one ply is done).

I am ALMOST DONE with my second Dove sock. They seriously need to be blocked, though. One needs to be stretched out, and one needs to calm down and just be blocked. :-)

I began a swatch for my Ms. Marigold vest. I need to re-start it, and this time make it bigger than they ask for, so I can be accurate once it's blocked...

Last night, I finished spinning up the second half of my Duets roving. I think it's pretty cool that this girl, Angi, is living in suburban Washington and has made it big (relatively speaking). (She's in Liz's knitting group.) I mean, The Loopy Ewe is going to start carrying her stuff, and she got mentioned on the next-to-most-recent Lime&Violet podcast.

I also made some more yarn labels for my Etsy shop . . . that is mostly ongoing. I need to spin up more yarn for Milagro in Baltimore, and I am SO looking forward to spinning up my Loop roving.

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