Friday, April 13, 2007

Condo Process Backwards: Moving In (Job 4)

The final big process in this Move To The Condo was, well, moving in! I had Mark, Igor, Tori, Ryan, Pasty James, and the boyfriend helping me. It was SO nice to have all that help for such a little (relative) load. I moved on 31 March, 2007 into my new place.

Once I got in, the boy and I were supposed to go snowshoeing that evening with Mark, as it was a full moon outside and the snow promised to be beautiful. But, of course, we got done and collapsed on the couch after having fed everyone and returned the truck to the realty office ( a nice perk for buying with Annie: you get free use of their truck). The boy almost instantly fell asleep on the couch (he'd been out with the boys the night before), and then I sort of lazed around for a minute before starting to unpack. Here are some pictures of the result.

The IKEA lamp didn't really survive this move, which would be it's second already came from Baltimore. I am donating it somewhere as soon as I install new lights in the kitchen.

A view of the closet. Note the distinct lack of good use of space. This is soon to be solved with a closet organizer from the Container Store.

And, finally, a view of the kitchen area. Yes, there is crap everywhere, but I just moved in.

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