Friday, April 20, 2007

Wool Combs

I want some wool combs. Like this:

I want to try blending fibers (and opening up fibers like my alpaca down that just needs a light cleaning) on them. I'd like to get a drum carder one day, too, but these are a *lot* cheaper ($50 - $80 (or so) vs. ~$300 for a drum carder...)
I just bought some sock yarn - a beautiful hand-dyed rainbow yarn from the Great Adirondack Yarn Company. It's called "Silky Sock" yarn, a blend of 70% merino / 10% nylon / 20% silk. It's nice and shiny, with a nice hand. I am going to try my hand at knitting my first pair of socks! I'm going to try the "Clessidra" sock pattern from the latest issue of Knitty:
I started casting on this afternoon, hungry and went out to the grocery store to forage for dinner. I ended up randomly finding those candied fennel seeds that you always see at Indian restaurants for sale. I love them, and am very excited to find them for sale! I also bought some random dried fruit and nuts with which to make my own trail mix. :-)
I am also trying to think of something to knit for my friend's upcoming birthday. Any suggestions? He's a boy. Sort of a punk hippie and grad student at the University of Washington... I'll think of something. Lots of yarn to spare, anyway. ;-)

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