Friday, April 13, 2007

Condo Process Backwards: Pergo Installation (Job 2)

The next job in the long road to Moving In was installing the Pergo laminate floor.

In all honesty, it wasn't Pergo. I can't afford Pergo yet, even for a floor like this. I priced several different types of floor, from tile (too hard on the feet, plus I couldn't match the existing and would have to do the entire condo to get the effect I wanted), bamboo (tempting and eco-sustainable as a quickly growing reed), to hardwood (ha! I am not paying $4+/sqft in a condo that I won't be in for more than 3 years), to this stuff. Laminate flooring. It's cheap (I found mine for $1.09/sqft at Lumber Liquidators), it installs relatively easily (click-together), and it is pretty resilient. I have dropped a few things, and it has yet to nick (knock on wood...oh wait...)

Here is a picture post-installation:

The paint cans on tiles are stationed at the door to keep the quarter-round molding we glued in down against the floor. I shouldn't say "we". My friends Mark and Tony installed the floor, and the boyfriend helped them. I ended up entertaining Tony's wife while they did their thing, and then bought everyone dinner.

I will say one thing: plan on longer than you think you'll need. I thought this floor, at roughly 180 sqft, would take about 2 hours, maybe 3. Nope. Took 8. But I am happy it's in now!

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