Friday, April 13, 2007

Condo Process Backwards: Murphy Bed Installation (Job 3)

The next job in the Moving To The Future (a title I snipered from the job, where our move to Renton was preceded by a year-long process someone in HR thought best to title, "The Move To The Future". Oy!) was (where was I?...oh yeah...bed..) installing the Murphy bed. Once I had closed the deal on the condo, I immediately called up Emerald City Closets here in Seattle (ironically, they are located in one of the ground floor shops of the building where my old apartment is), and had them make a bed for me. I chose MDF (medium density fiberboard; think "IKEA furniture". Heavy but relatively stable if you're not unscrewing and rescrewing it together all the time.) with a maple foil (i.e. it's a picture of maple grain, glued to the top of the MDF), and since my mattress is humongous at 14" deep, I had them customize the cabinet part by making it deep enough to fit the bed and bedding. The whole shebang cost me $2400, which is ...about what Murphy beds cost, I'm sorry to say. They start at roughly $2000, and go up from there. Had I an extra $3000, I would have had cabinets built into the wall along with the bed, but, alas, I have made excellent use of some IKEA cabinets that flank the bed.

Here is a pic of the installation process. This is the cabinet part that the bed folds into:

And here is the bed, fully installed. I haven't put the mattress in at this point. I think it looks nice and clean. Some of the company's upgrades include things like mouldings, fancier handles, or you can even select hardwoods for your bed and cabinets, but all those things add up in cost very quickly.

It also works nicely with the floor color. I am very pleased with it, and I don't think I would have survived in this small of a space without it. It really helps the space to not feel like it's 466 sqft.

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