Friday, April 13, 2007

Condo Process Backwards: Painting (Job 1)

I have decided to be somewhat out of chronological order, and post pictures from when my condo was painted, a mere month or so ago.

This first one is from the priming, and when Gary, the painter, and I had set up paint chips on one of the sections. This is the "fireplace" area (yeah, it's an electric heater. I feel like I'm at Disneyland when I turn it on and stare at it. It should have one of those light wheels like at Disneyland, and I can hear something rotating inside of it...)

This next one starts to show the colors. As I said before, I selected espresso, Tiffany blue, and acid green for my colors. This is the area that the guy originally had covered up by that hideous Diaper-Flautist-whatever he was:

And here is the same fireplace area, now painted in the colors specified:

Gary took about a week to paint everything. The job ended up being about 2.5 times what he quoted me in price, but he did have to paint A LOT. There were at least two coats of primer, and possibly more since he said the tar kept bleeding through the paint. He also said all the colors required two coats, and the green required 4 coats because the paint was streaky, for some reason. I think the brown needed three coats.
The lesson here is: if you pay someone to do something for you, always budget for way more than you think it will cost. That way, when the work is done, you can sigh, but not be angry because they cleaned you out till your next paycheck.

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