Monday, January 14, 2008

Knitting + Resolutions = Whee!

Before I split to pick up Daniel and go to pilates class, I wanted to post quickly. Pictures to follow at a later time.

I decided to reward myself for every 5 lb lost (I have 15 to go) with a special skein of yarn. Behold! I have found Reward #1. The Tsock Tsarina's Vintage sock kit. A pair of socks with grapes knit into the instep, and leaves appliqued onto the socks. Oh. My God. How cute is that?! I discovered it on the Yarn Harlot's blog today.

I also decided that I have to make a visit to the Frog Pond. Sadness. My little socklets I was knitting? TOO BIG. Like... way too big. Like... my feet would have to be Daniel's size to fit in these things. I don't know what happened, but somewhere along the way I ended up knitting the number of stitches for the Large sock size. ?!!!? I wear a 7.5 shoe! Plus, the lace pattern did indeed provide some stretch. I might be able to get away with just ripping it back to the heel, though... I'll have to see how good my frogging skills are. :-) I was so close to being done, too!! I was ready to set up for the toe!! And that freakin' cabled heel was so time intensive! ARgh. Oh well. No matter. I shall let it lie for a few weeks while I do something else.

Like finish the Luv Gun. Possibly in time for Valentine's Day (?).

And Daniel's socks.

And. And. And.

Oh! And I just bought some new books, which came to me yesterday. Melissa Morgan-Oakes' "2 At a Time Socks", Debbie Stoller's "Son of Stitch 'N Bitch", and Nikol Lohr's "Naughty Needles". patternlicious. ;-)

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